Happy Easter 2024

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter season, may we be reminded of the true meaning of this joyous occasion. It is a time for renewal, hope, and new beginnings. Let us reflect on the sacrifices made by our Savior and strive to live a life that honors His teachings.   
On behalf of our religious community, I would like to extend our heartfelt Easter greetings to all who visit our website. May your hearts be filled with love, your spirits uplifted with blessings, and your faith strengthened during this holy time.     
Hoping you had a blessed and joyous Easter!

PCTG Shares The Love

On Wednesday, February 21st many of our members helped to support our Lenten initiative which took place at the Mississauga Family Shelter. We were able to provide meals to our community in need and support families during these difficult and challenging times. The Guild is looking forward to planning more events to help those in need, anything you can do to help is appreciated. Please contact us through our email for more information at [email protected] or you can reach Shane directly at [email protected].

Join Us During LENT

To register and sign up for a one hour shift, email [email protected] and complete the online form at https://forms.gle/thPhGrtrVJJAWE7s8.

The Pray More Advent Retreat

An Online Retreat: Inspiring talks to help you grow closer to Christ!


Rooted in Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College’s liberal arts education, Summer Institutes offer the distinctive academic rigour of Seat of Wisdom College in a more relaxing environment. The learning experience during the Institutes is coupled with opportunities to network with fellow participants and to meet the faculty and staff of Seat of Wisdom College.

Check Out This Website For More Information: https://www.seatofwisdom.ca/news/summer-institutes/

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we enter the season of Autumn, traditionally the time of harvesting the fruits of the earth, the changing colour of the leaves seem to say “Look at my beautiful colours! They proclaim my gratitude for a life well lived!” Like the leaves that sustain us with their oxygen, may the “oxygen” of our faith impart to our students a harvest of God’s merciful love and that same “oxygen” cultivate within us and our students a receptivity to God’s Word. Happy Thanksgiving! – Damien Mc Gowan

Welcome Back…Please Join Us!

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The Peel Catholic Teacher’s Guild would like to welcome Archbishop Frank Leo to his new appointment as the Archbishop of Toronto.

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Retreats Added for 2023!

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